Assistant Professor

Princeton Neuroscience Institute

B.A.  University of Pennsylvania

Ph.D.  Columbia University

Robin Chemers Neustein Postdoctoral Fellow, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai  |  CV  Google Scholar


Postdoctoral Fellows

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Julie-Anne Rodier, PhD

B.A. Jean Monnet University, St-Etienne, France

M.A. Western Washington University, WA, USA and Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France

Ph.D. Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, Grenoble Alpes University, Grenoble, France

“Identification of a phosphorylated form of BDNF: a new mechanism of synaptic plasticity regulation and memory?” 

Future Postdoctoral Fellows: We are always looking for motivated and creative people. Please email with your CV, a brief description of your research experience and interests, and contact information for references.  


Graduate Students

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Please apply through the Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Applications open in September, due November. Contact for specific interest.


Research Technician

Now hiring


Please see and apply to official job posting here. Preference will be given to those with animal experience and who can commit to two years in the lab.



Undergraduate Students

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The Peña Lab is currently accepting undergraduate students for research experience and advising. Preference will be given to those who can work 4-12 hours/week during the school year. Please email with your interests, what you hope to gain from participating in research in the lab, and any relevant coursework you have taken.



In lieu of current and former trainees of the Peña Lab, below is a list of some of the students who I have previously trained while I was a graduate student or postdoc. If you are considering applying to work in the lab, I encourage you to reach out to them as references.

Cali's thesis defense

Cali's thesis defense

When the hood lights are broken, you innovate

When the hood lights are broken, you innovate

Celebrating our paper!

Celebrating our paper!

Cali Calarco, PhD

Worked with Dr. Peña: 2010 (Summer Amgen Scholar at Vassar College / Columbia University)

Graduate school:: Yale Neuroscience

Current Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Maryland

Contact: cali [dot] calarco [at] yale [dot] edu


Hope Kronman

Worked with Dr. Peña: 2014-2018

Current MD-PhD student at Mount Sinai

Contact: hope [dot] kronman [at] icahn [dot] mssm [dot] edu


Tin Leong

Worked with Dr. Peña: 2015

Current MD student at Mount Sinai

Contact: tin [dot] leong [at] icahn [dot] mssm [dot] edu